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This article outlines the process required to deliver a preconfigured & discovered console to support personnel such as help desk analysts.


This article describes how to publish a preconfigured Citrix Discovery Services Console.
In XenApp 6.5, the?? Citrix Discovery Services Console?? (DSC) was renamed to?? Citrix AppCenter Console?? (CAC). All mentions of the DSC are relevant to the CAC as well.
By default, the DSC requires all new users to “Configure and run a discovery” before any Citrix products can be managed. To improve efficiency and minimize per-user configuration, this behavior can be modified.


The following steps outline the process required to deliver a preconfigured and discovered console to support personnel such as help desk analysts:

Note: The UAC needs to be disabled in order to publish the DSC successfully. (Control Panel > User Accounts > User Accounts > UAC).

  1. On a XenApp server,?? run mmc.exe?? (for 64-bit, use?? mmc /32?? so you bring up the 32-bit version of the MMC).??

  2. Under the File menu, select?? Add/Remove Snap-in.

  3. Click?? Add,?? select?? Citrix Delivery Services Console?? and then click?? Add,?? Close, and?? OK.

  4. Within the?? Microsoft Management Console?? (MMC) tree, expand the?? Citrix Delivery Services Console?? node.?? The discovery wizard should launch. If it does not, right-click on the node and selectConfigure and run discovery.

  5. Complete the discovery wizard as applicable, but specify?? LOCALHOST?? as the Citrix XenApp Server to run discovery.

  6. After the discovery wizard has completed, select the?? File?? menu in the MMC and select?? Options.

  7. In the Options dialog, under the Console mode dropdown, select?? User mode – limited access, single window. Leave the rest of the options unchanged and click?? OK.

  8. Save the modified MMC window using the?? Save As?? option in the File menu. You can choose any name and location. For example, custom_amc.msc.

  9. To deliver your custom?? Citrix Delivery Services Console?? to your help desk analysts, copy the MSC file saved in step 8 to your desired XenApp server. Publish the console using the publish application wizard.??

    The command line path should be as follows:
    <WINDIR>\System32\mmc.exe “<path>\custom_amc.msc"
    Where <path> is the location to where you copied the custom_amc.msc file.

To add custom administrator permissions to run the custom DSC:

  1. Right click on the Administrators node in the original?? Citrix Delivery Services Console?? (not the preconfigured/published one)

  2. Click New > Add administrator.

  3. Add the users who are going to be able to access this application (who are selected when publishing the application).

  1. Click?? OK > Next.

  2. Select the Privileges you want to assign the user. In this example, select?? Custom?? and click?? Next.

  1. Ensure the?? Log on to Management Console?? is checked under the?? Administrator?? node.

  2. Select the?? Applications?? node.

  3. Place a check on the?? View Published Application and Content.
    Note: You can select any privileges you want, but this is the minimum required for the configured user(s) to access the published MMC/DSC.
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